01/01/2019         Birmingham        Bangers B2B       Junior Bangers  Stock Rods          2L Hot Rods
06/01/2019         Standlake           National Bangers              National Micro Bangers
12/01/2019         NEC                    Autosport Show
13/01/2019         Hednesford        Civil War National Bangers
20/01/2019         Kings Lynn          National Bangers Unlimited Icebreaker    National Micro Bangers    Junior Bangers
26/01/2019         Eastbourne        Superstox            1300cc Stock Cars            Bangers
03/02/2019         Kings Lynn          National Bangers 1500cc Icebreaker
10/02/2019         Aldershot            National Bangers              Junior Bangers                   Historic Stock Cars
16/02/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers B2B       Stock Rods          Junior Micra Stock Cars
17/02/2019         Peterborough     Motorsport with Attitude Show  - All formulas
17/02/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Mini Super Twos               Rookie Rods
24/02/2019         Aldershot            Bangers B2B       1300cc  Stock Cars           Ninja Karts        
02/03/2019         Kings Lynn          Brisca F2 Stock Cars         2L Saloon Stock Cars       1300cc Stock Cars
09/03/2019         Birmingham        Rebels  Modstox   Heritage F2 Stock Cars   Micro F2s   Ninja Karts   Grand Prix Midgets   Incarods   Slick Cars
10/03/2019         Aldershot            2L Saloon Stock Cars       Bangers                Stock Rods          Rookie Rods
16/03/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers B2B       Historic Stock Cars           Junior Micra Stock Cars
17/03/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Rookie Rods
23/03/2019         Mildenhall           National Bangers Supreme   Saloon Stock Cars     Brisca F2 Stock Cars
24/03/2019         Aldershot            Bangers B2B       Mini Super Twos               Ninja Karts          Superstox
30/03/2019         Eastbourne         National Micro Bangers                 Stock Rods          Rookie Rods
06/04/2019         Mildenhall            Brisca F2 Stock Cars          Brisca V8 Hot Stox/Stock Cars        National Ministox
07/04/2019         Mildenhall            Brisca V8 Hot Stox/Stock Cars     National Ministox   Mini Super Twos  Stoxkarts  Modstox   Micro F2
10/04/2019         Eastbourne         Superstox           2L Hot Rods        Bangers
10/04/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers                Rookie Rods       ORCi Ministox
13/04/2019         Lydden Hill          Ninja Karts Outlaws/Hot Rods/Super Rods/Lightning Rods Stock/Group A/Euro Rods Open Saloons 
                                                       Junior Hot Rods
20/04/2019         Birmingham        Rebels   Stoxkarts Micro F2s   ORCi Minstox   Ninja Karts   Slick Cars   Incarods
21/04/2019         Aldershot            Bangers B2B   Caravan Race   2L Hot Rods   Junior Micra Stock Cars
21/04/2019         Yarmouth            Rookie Rods       1300cc Stock Cars            Bangers
22/04/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers Teams                  Junior Bangers                  Rookie Rods
28/04/2019         Stansted             National Micro Bangers    Junior Bangers   FWD Dirt Rods   RWD Dirt Rods  Hot Rods
04/05/2019         Mildenhall            National Bangers Teams    National Micro Bangers Teams  Brisca F2 Stock Cars         ORCi Ministox
05/05/2019         Aldershot            Big Van Bangers  Bangers B2B  Classic Hot Rods     Oval Track Legends         Ninja Karts
05/05/2019         Yarmouth            Van Bangers B2B         Lightning Rods   Rookie Rods
06/05/2019         Eastbourne         Big Van Bangers          Historic Stock Cars           Grand Prix Midgets
11/05/2019         Birmingham         National Bangers         Brisca F2 Stock Cars   2L Saloon Stock Cars
12/05/2019         Stansted             National Bangers         Junior Bangers  Hot Rods   FWD Dirt Rods       RWD Dirt Rods
15/05/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers B2B       Superstox           Old Skool Superstox
18/05/2019         Mildenhall            National Micro Bangers   Brisca F2 Stock Cars      Reliant Robins
25/05/2019         Mildenhall            1300cc Stock Cars            2L Saloon Stock Cars       National Bangers
26/05/2019         Aldershot             Bangers B2B       Historic Stock Cars           Ninja Karts
26/05/2019         Yarmouth             National Bangers BWS                    Superstox           Rookie Rods
27/05/2019         Eastbourne          National Micro Bangers Teams   Junior Bangers  Mini Super Twos
29/05/2019         Eastbourne          Bangers B2B       Junior Micra Stock Cars                  Rookie Rods
05/06/2019         Eastbourne          Bangers WQ       1300cc Stock Cars            Stock Rods
01/06/2019         Lydden Hill           Late Models/Sprint Cars/Superstox Euro Rods Open Saloons/Lightning Rods/Outlaws  Junior Hot Rods
                                Ninja Karts
08/06/2019         Mildenhall            National Bangers Big Vans    Reliant Robins   Classic Hot Rods       Junior Bangers
09/06/2019         Stansted             National Micro Bangers   FWD Dirt Rods   RWD Dirt Rods   Hot Rods    Junior Bangers
09/06/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Oval Track Legends         Saloon Stock Cars
12/06/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers B2B Unlimited  Rookie Rods       Mini Super Twos
15/06/2019         Mildenhall           Saloon Stock Cars   Brisca F2 Stock Cars  Historic Stock Cars    National Bangers
23/06/2019         Hednesford        Bangers B2B       Classic Hot Rods   National Bangers Pre & Post 85
26/06/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B Inc Old Boys Day Out            Lightning Rods   Rookie Rods
26/06/2019         Eastbourne        Stock Rods          Bangers B2B       Junior Micra Stock Cars
29/06/2019         Mildenhall           Brisca V8 HotStox             National Ministox            National Bangers
30/06/2019         Aldershot            Rebels   Grand Prix Midgets   Stoxkarts  Micro F2    Mini Super Twos      Slick Cars       Modstox
03/07/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers B2B Fours    Classic Hot Rods      Heritage F2 Stock Cars
06 & 07/07/2019 Ipswich               National Hot Rods (WF) 2L Hot Rods   1300cc Stock Rods   National Bangers (Sat only)   Stock Rods
                                National Saloon Stock Cars   Ninja Karts       Superstox
13/07/2019         Eastbourne         National Bangers Big Bears Bash
14/07/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B Unlimited     Lightning Rods               Mini Super Twos
17/07/2019         Eastbourne         2L Hot Rods        Superstox           Bangers
20/07/2019         Mildenhall           Rebels    Stoxkarts    Bangers B2B   Junior Stoxkarts   Micro F2s    ORCi Ministox       UK Modifieds    
24/07/2019         Eastbourne         National Bangers     Junior Bangers        1300cc Stock Cars
28/07/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Stock Rods          Mini Super Two
28/07/2019         Stansted             Bangers Purple Car Day    Little Tykes Race           Ramp Rollover
31/07/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Caravan Race     Saloon Stock Cars             Rookie Rods
03/08/2019         Hednesford        National Hot Rods   Stock Rods   Lightning Rods   Superstox
04/08/2019         Stansted            National Micro Bangers Teams   FWD Dirt Rods  RWD Dirt Rods       Hot Rods     Junior Bangers
04/08/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers Gold Rush          1300cc Stock Cars            Junior Bangers
07/08/2019         Eastbourne        Bangers B2B       Oval Track Legends         Rookie Rods
07/08/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B   Caravan Race    Brisca V8 HotStox   National Mini Stox
10/08/2019         Mildenhall           National Bangers BWS    1300cc Stock Cars        Mini Stox
11/08/2019         Aldershot            Bangers B2B       Incarods   Mini Super Twos   Ninja Karts      Junior Micra Stock Cars
11/08/2019         Yarmouth            Classic Hot Rods      National Micro Bangers          MASCAR          JASCAR           Stunt Team
14/08/2019         Eastbourne         Brisca F2 Stock Cars         Stock Rods          Bangers
14/08/2019         Yarmouth            Superstox            Bangers                Rookie Rods
17/08/2019         Eastbourne         National Banger Classic Carnage                Historic Stock Cars
18/08/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       National Bangers Big Vans    Junior Micra Stock Cars        Lightning Rods
18/08/2019         Northampton      UK Modifieds   Modstox    Oval Track Legends   Heritage F2 Stock Cars  Stoxkarts    Micro F2 Stock Cars
                               ORCi Ministox        Senior Stoxkarts
21/08/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers B2B Mascot Meeting     2L Hot Rods        Mini Super Twos
21/08/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Caravan Race     Mondeo Rods    Street Stox
24/08/2019         Mildenhall           National Bangers              Brisca F2 Stock Cars         Saloon Stock Cars
25/08/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Juniors Bangers    Modstox          Ramp Rollover
26/08/2019         Ipswich               National Hot Rods       Stock Rods          Bangers                Caravan Race
28/08/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Caravan Race     Mini Super Twos               Rookie Rods
31/08/2019         Mildenhall           National Micro Bangers   Reliant Robins WF       Caravan Race      Junior Bangers
01/09/2019         Aldershot            National Bangers   2L Saloon Stock Cars   National Hot Rods           Ninja Karts
01/09/2019         Yarmouth            1300cc Stock Cars            Bangers B2B       Heritage F2 Stock Cars          Ladies Bangers B2B
04/09/2019         Eastbourne         National Bangers BWS    Historic Stock Cars
07/09/2019         Kings Lynn           National Bangers World of Shale      2L Saloon Stock Cars
08/09/2019         Stansted              Bangers Skeefy Memorial   Junior Bangers  FWD Dirt Rods    RWD Dirt Rods    Hot Rods
11/09/2019         Eastbourne          1300cc Stock Cars      Bangers B2B       Bangers
14/09/2019         Mildenhall             National Bangers Kingy Memorial Day 1
15/09/2019         Mildenhall             Bangers B2B       National Bangers Kingy Memorial Day 2
15/09/2019         Yarmouth              Bangers Micro B2B          2L Hot Rods        Rookie Rods
18/09/2019         Eastbourne          National Bangers Wild Card     Junior Bangers  Mini Super Twos
25/09/2019         Eastbourne          Bangers B2B       Junior Micra Stock Cars        Stock Rods
28/09/2019         Mildenhall             Bangers Gold Rush          Brisca F2 Stock Cars         ORCi Ministox
29/09/2019         Aldershot             Bangers B2B       Brisca V8 Hot Stox           National Mini Stox
05/10/2019         Ipswich                National Bangers World Final
06/10/2019         Birmingham         American Cup Cars   Grand Prix Midgets   Incarods    Micro F2s   Modstox   Ninja Karts  Stoxkarts   Slick Cars                                   UK Modifieds
09/10/2019         Eastbourne         Superstox         Stock Rods          Bangers B2B
12/10/2019         Mildenhall            Saloon Stock Cars    1300cc Stock Cars     National Bangers RWD Final
13/10/2019         Aldershot            Bangers B2B       Caravan Race     Junior Bangers  Mini Super Twos         Ninja Karts
16/10/2019         Eastbourne         2L Hot Rods        Bangers Gold Rush Finale              Rookie Rods
19/10/2019         Ipswich               National Hot Rods       1300cc Stock Cars            National Bangers
20/10/2019         Aldershot            Rebels  Superstox           Junior Micra Stock Cars         Ninja Karts
20/10/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers Non Ford            Mini Super Twos               Rookie Rods   
26/10/2019         Eastbourne         Bangers B2B       Historic Stock Cars
02/11/2019         Birmingham        American Cup Cars   American Cup Cars   Stoxkarts  Ninja Karts   Mini Super Twos   Modstox   Incarods  
                                                         Slick Cars
03/11/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B
09/11/2019         Kings Lynn          Autograss Kings of Shale
10/11/2019         Mildenhall           National Bangers Teams                    Reliant Robins   Junior Micra Stock Cars
16/11/2019         Ipswich               Bangers World Final
23/11/2019         Eastbourne        1300cc Stock Cars            Superstox           Bangers B2B
01/12/2019         Ipswich               Bangers B2B       Rookie Rods       Mondeo Rods
07/12/2019         Eastbourne         National Micro Bangers   Stock Rods        Junior Micra Stock Cars
08/12/2019         Kings Lynn          National Bangers Nutcracker       Junior Bangers
28/12/2019         Eastbourne         Best in Britain 2L Hot Rods   1300cc Stock Cars    Van Bangers B2B
29/12/2019         Yarmouth            Bangers B2B       Lightning Rods Best in Britain