How do I find my photos?

If you know the date you raced then it is simple enough to click the galleries link and search through the folders to find the appropriate track or formula. A click or two later you will get to a folder that contains your formulas photographs from that event. If you have a vague recollection of the event, whether due to the amount of time that has passed, or if you got a whack on the head at it (!) then take a look at the "meetings covered" link which lists all the events we have attended, you might be able to find the date there by making reference to the other formulas that raced on the day or the championship contested. If you have kept your ORC licence for the year, that may also contain relevant date information.

How do I order?
The integrated shopping cart on this site should be simple enough to navigate through, but if you would prefer to order by other means, or your computer does not allow you to store the images you require, or navigate through the shopping cart (cookies may be disabled on your settings) please contact us by email.

How do I pay?
You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or with an existing paypal balance through the shopping cart feature on this website.  Cash should never be posted and can only be paid over the counter at our photo outlets at Eastbourne or Mildenhall.

What is PayPal?
Ebay users should already be well versed with Paypal as many traders accept payments via the service.
Paypal is an online payment system which allows users to make and receive payments to/from their email address. If you don't use our integrated shopping cart on this website, email your order and we can send you an invoice via email which will contain all the payment details you require. The email will contain a link to the secure Paypal site through which you can safely enter your credit card details and complete payment. Your credit card details will be handled by PayPal on RacePixels behalf. You DO NOT need to sign up for a Paypal account to use this processing service.

I already have a Paypal account, can I pay you from my existing funds?
Yes. Our shopping cart supports this functionality. Alternatively you can ask us to send you an email request for payment, or make the payment yourself to the [email protected] email address.

How much is postage?

The price of postage has increased significantly in recent years and we have to pass on this cost to customers. We will use a courier where it makes economic sense to do so, but most of the time we use standard post office services. The shopping cart makes a reasonable guess at the total cost of postage where you have selected multiple items, but occasionally it will be an inflated figure, particularly where we can ship items in the same box. We will make a postage refund in these situations. Remember you are also paying for the cost of the packing materials. It probably does not make economic sense to post out framed photographs, when the frame sizes are readily available in your local shops, but we will do so. If ordering without using our shopping cart please email or phone for postage costs, before making payment.

Of course, if you can arrange to collect the item from us, whether through the track/photo shops at Eastbourne, Mildenhall or elsewhere, then you can save yourself the cost of postage. Simply select the "Collection only" shipping method when checking out.

Can I pay cash?
Only if you are able to hand the cash over to the photo shop at Eastbourne or Mildenhall. Under no circumstances is cash to be sent through the post.

Can I have a discount?

Only on postage costs, as desrcribed earlier.

I'm lost. How can I find the photo I am after?
Go into the galleries link at the top of this page. From the drop-down menu click on either "Photo galleries by track" or "Photo galleries by formula". A set of folders will appear. Click on the track or the formula you wish to explore. Locate the year you wish to look at and you will then be presented by another set of folders containing all the meetings covered in that year for the particular track/formula. We will always endeavour to list our most recent meetings at the top of the gallery page, but whilst we continue to work on our back catalogue, earlier years may appear jumbled whilst we are still in the process of uploading files.

What do all the numbers mean?
Our filing system has to take into account that occasionally we have other photographers covering meetings for us. Whereas RacePixels owner Matt Bull's photos simply have a Date and reference number (format DDMMYY NNN) occasionally you may spot an extra character. In that instance each photo is given a reference in the format LDDYYMM NNN.
L = Individual photographers reference
DDMMYY = Date of the meeting
NNN = The individual photo number
Each reference number is therefore unique and allows us to easily trace the image you are after.

Where are you going to be this weekend?
Good question.
We cannot guarantee attendance at any one meeting. However it is reasonable to expect that every meeting at  Mildenhall and Eastbourne will be covered.

Can any photo be reproduced to any print size?
Not always. Generally anything up to 12" x 8" or A4 will be achievable by any photo on the website. However if you are going above that size, some images taken in poor conditions may not reap an acceptable result. We will certainly advise you if this is the case. Please be aware too that we take our images in the tradional 2/3rds format. Hence photo sizes such as 12" x 8" and 6" x 4" will always contain all the detail from the image. If you order a 10" x 8" photograph for instance, we will have to crop out some detail from one side or both sides of the image in order to fit the format. This is often not a problem, but bear that in mind if the subject matter is close to the edge of the frame.

What is the difference between photographic and Inkjet prints?
In short, quality. A photographic print is what you would get back from a photographic laboratory and is the best quality. If you want a long lasting quality print, this is the only option. An inkjet print is a slightly cheaper option, but its real beauty is that they can be produced immediately. We are able to offer Inkjet prints while you wait at selected meetings at Mildenhall, or for immediate despatch by post  - It will look the same as a photographic print, but is more sensitive to conditions. Kept at room temperature out of direct sunlight it should last a good number of years but it cannot be relied on to not fade otherwise. In short we would always recommend photographic prints above all others. Inkjet prints are ideal when you need prints in a hurry and where they will be stored/displayed in good conditions.

What equipment do you use?
All of our photographers are equipped with modern Digital SLR cameras and a variety of lenses and flashes. We use Nikon equipment. We havent yet made the leap to mirrorless, but when the current equipment cries enough, maybe, but only if the price tempts us at that point.  Don't think that you have to go out and buy state of the art equipment to get great results from photography. Many of the photos contained herein are from low-mid range Nikons that retail for about £500.  Matt Bull has a pair of Nikons which are gradually weighing him down and have resulted in a new painful condition he calls 'photographers neck'. 

How long will it take for photos from xxx meeting to be online?
We cannot really say for sure. We often have a bit of post processing work to do on the photographs before they are uploaded so we may not be able to get them online for a few days. Please do not email us asking this question as we don't like to be rude but we get upwards of a dozen such questions after almost every meeting! Although if a few weeks have passed we have probably forgot to upload them so fair comment!

Can I use the images on my own website or facebook? What size are the small digital images?
You can. As you will note our images have a large watermark and further contact details on them. If you can live with that feel free to right click on the image and save it to your hard drive and slot into your website. However, PLEASE ensure that you include a link to on your links page. Our new website has greater integration with social media, so you will see various buttons and links to sites such as facebook and twitter.
If you want an unwatermarked image for your website we can provide them at £1 each. We will email the images. (or we can send them on a CD for an extra £1). They will be sized at 6" x 4" 120 DPI which equates to roughly 720 x 480 pixels. If you want a bigger image that fills the screen or to produce your own items, you will need to purchase them at medium or large size (see below)

What size is a medium size digital image?
We provide the medium sized digital image at roughly 1800 x 1200 pixels. This is sufficient if you want to get prints and products printed yourself at a relatively small size. It will also be ideal for wallpaper on your monitor. If required we can provide the image at the required size. To look up your screen resolution, right click on your existing background (making sure the mouse pointer is not over an icon) and select properties from the menu. Click on the settings tab and make a note of the screen resolution. (Ie 800 x 600 pixels or 1024 x 768 pixels etc). The cost is £3 and we will email the unwatermarked image back to you (or supply it on a CD for an extra £1) 

What size is a large size digital image?

This can vary but it is the best way to ensure that you get the best quality image. It will closely match the image that came straight from the camera, except that is will be enhanced by some post processing to bring out the colours and crop unnecessary parts of the image. If you are planning on using the image on a canvas, on clothing or for large format graphic work, this is the ideal option. File sizes can vary from 2Mb to 6MB and the pixel sizes are often in the region of 6000 x 4000 pixels but can be less dependant on how far the original photo has been cropped. Each image costs £10. This does not give you total free reign to do what you like with the image - Please read the section relating to copyright issues later on. However you are permitted to use the image to produce any number of prints and products FOR YOUR OWN USE ONLY. Images are not to be used for any personal gain. We can provide 3 high res images for just £20.

Why do you put such an obtrusive watermark over the photos?
One word. Copyright. Photographers suffer greatly with the ease at which images can be copied. The Internet has made the problem ten times worse. The RacePixels galleries are a representation of the images that are for sale and are not intended for any other use. We are used to constant digs about our watermarks. It's like water(marks) off a ducks back.... ! Believe me, I know it spoils the image - but then it doesn't cost you much to get a nice unwatermarked image from us.

What is the situation regarding copyright?
All the photographs that are on the RacePixels website remain the copyright of the individual photographer. When you buy an image, the copyright still remains with that photographer. Any print or product you buy cannot be reproduced in any form. The exception is where you purchase a digital image. If you buy a small sized digital image you are permitted to use that image on any non-commercial website or across social media. Where you buy a medium or full sized digital image you are permitted to reproduce that image on any items be they prints or products, for your own use only. They may not be used as part of any commercial enterprise. Please be careful when sharing these images on social media. Preferably they should be shrunk to a lower resolution with a credit to RacePixels. You have not 'bought' the copyright. The copyright remains with the photographer. You have bought the right to utilise the image for a very specific use.

Can I buy the photos at a track?
RacePixels, or more specifically, its proprietor, Matthew Bull, operates out of the photo shop at Eastbourne and the Track shop at Mildenhall. We are only able to accept orders and/or have orders ready to pick up at these venues. 

What are the mounts like that come with the enlargement print sizes?
Nice! If you think back to your school days and the prints you used to get of you grinning like a cheshire cat at the photographer with the comb-over, our mounts are similar to the ones that come with those school pictures - except a bit more classier. Stocks are low of some of these items so the exact nature of them may change without warning.

Can I use an image in a publication?
Yes. Our fee varies based on the publication and its circulation. Please contact us with your requirements. Don't worry. We are reasonable.

How long will my order take?
Depends! Remember that we will not despatch items until we have received cleared funds. We generally only make one trip to the lab to pick up prints a week, so most orders should be despatched within a couple of weeks. If you need them any quicker please contact us to check whether it is possible. Don't make our blood pressure high by contacting us three days after making an order saying that they 'STILL' havent arrived. Usain Bolt couldn't get them any quicker.  Framed items and products may take three weeks for delivery. Please order early for Christmas. We expect a rush!

Have you taken any other photos of the meeting that you haven't put on the website?
Probably not. We do try to put every photo we take on the RacePixels website. Browse in confidence that you are choosing from the full range of images available from that meeting. Very occasionally images dont turn out for whatever reason. We all press the wrong button occasionally, leave the lens cap on, spill tea on a memory card, that sort of thing. We are human.

I am racing at xxx meeting, can your photographer keep an eye out for me?
Yes. Please give us plenty of warning before the meeting. If our photographer is there he will be briefed to keep a special eye out for you. Don't leave it till the day. You will have a million and one other things to do and will forget!

Are images altered in any way from what is visible on the web to what I will receive in print form?
Very occasionally images will require some alteration before they are printed. This may simply consist of a slight lightening of the image to ensure it reproduces well in print form. Where certain sizes are ordered, the image may be cropped slightly differently to prevent parts of the subject being missed off the finished print. Occasionally we might supply a print bigger than that ordered to ensure that no part of the main subject is cropped out of a picture.