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Our 2021 Banger Racing Calendar is now available. This time round we have gone retro!

Clearly there was not enough material from this current racing season to produce our usual calendar, so we have grabbed some spectacular stuff from our archives, from when we started in 1993, up to about a decade ago. Any action we may have captured in 2020 will at least give us a head start when we begin planning the 2022 calendar about 11 months from now!

The format remains the same - the calendar is A3 in size and features a page of Banger Racing action for each month of the year.

Many top names are featured and there are crashes, wrecks and material galore. There are several iconic Banger images from the 90s and just maybe some gems you may not have seen before. It's a great gift for every Banger Racing fan, or why not just treat yourself?

The calendars are £10 each plus postage of £3.80 (UK) £7.50 (Europe) and can be ordered by using the link at the bottom of this page.

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