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RACEPIXELS continues to bring you several exciting card games, all with Oval Racing themes.

Our best selling RacePixels Trump Card series has several versions available. Some of the earliest versions have sold out, but we do still carry stocks of the BriSCA F1 STOCK CAR LEGENDS TRUMPS in association with Photostox.com,  BANGER RACING LEGENDS TRUMPS, National Hot Rod, Saloon Stock Car and Stoxkarts Trumps. We also have a Banger Racing set of Playing Cards available. Page all the way down to order any one of our available sets.

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“RacePixels Trumps” are a wonderful gift idea for fans, both young and old.

Each of the 40 Trump cards contains an image and numerical data for a driver. The object of the game is to choose a category and trump your opponent to win his card. The object is to win all your opponents cards.

Each pack comes complete with 40 Trumps cards, a plastic case, and full instructions.

Packs cost £7.99 plus £1 postage (UK). Our newest sets are the Brisca F1 Stock Car Legends and Banger Racing Legends. For a limited time our remaining stocks of National Hot Rod, Saloon Stock Car and Stoxkarts Trumps are on sale at £5.  All other sets, which included current day F1, F2 and Banger racers, have sold out.  All available sets can be bought using the button below. Please ensure you use the correct button for your postal area. Keep an eye out for other trump card packs being released in the future.

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RacePixels have produced a full set of traditional Poker sized Playing Cards featuring some of the top crashes, personalities, teams and events from across the Banger Racing world. There are 54 cards in total (inclusive of the two Jokers) and they come shrink wrapped inside a presentation box. Packs are £8 each, plus postage. Please use the link at the foot of this page.








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